About Us

Welcome to Arts Fulshear!

Arts Fulshear is a non-profit organization that values the creative growth of our community and families, and believes that exposure to the arts contributes to our overall well-being. Arts Fulshear’s vision is to foster creative growth by providing access to and opportunities for participation in the arts.

To support our vision statement, Arts Fulshear functions as a non-profit 501(c)3 and works to create opportunities that enrich the community through equal access to the arts. We provide education, connections, and exposure through programming and events with the goal of building a permanent visual and performing arts center that will act as the foundation of creative growth in our community.


Founded in 2011, Arts Fulshear provides and supports art and cultural events, art education, and public art in and around the city of Fulshear, Texas. With a dedicated board, staff, and volunteers, we have spent the last five years developing, expanding, and promoting community interest and appreciation of the visual and performing arts through education and arts performances.

Existing programs include after-school art classes, a summer arts camp, summer theater workshops, adult art classes, the annual Fulshear Spring Art Walk, and the development of a community theater and theater group. We have been encouraged by the community’s participation and ongoing need for facilitating experiences for young people in the arts and strive to award scholarships to those families in need, such as recent Simonton flood victims.