Renee Grant

Renee Grant

Teaching Artist

Renee grew up in the mountains of Colorado, spending as much time outside romping through the pines enjoying all the beauties of nature. Art has always been in her blood. From a young age, she could often be found exploring her artistic side, often leaving a few messes in her wake.

She has never been afraid to try new things. If she saw something she liked, she would go out of her way to learn how to do it for herself.

Renee has been married for 29 years and is the mother of 5 children. She is an imaginative and resourceful art teacher trained in a wide array of artistic mediums, and she shares all those mediums with our budding artists. She promotes creativity and an appreciation for art and its many different forms.

“It is simple, I love kids and I love art. To be able to share my love of art with kids brings me happiness. I want them to be unafraid of trying new things, learning to exercise their creativity and express themselves through art. I want to instill in them a passion for the arts that will not diminish as they grow up and face the challenges of being an adult.”