Friends of Arts Fulshear and the Fulshear/Simonton/Katy community

While Arts Fulshear believes in the healing power of the arts, we believe it is important that time is taken to allow the community to focus on rebuilding efforts necessitated by Hurricane Harvey, and want resources to be directed and focused toward those efforts. Therefore, we are temporarily suspending programing at the end of September. We fully expect to restart our community programs in 2018 as a fully volunteer based organization.

On behalf of the board of directors, I want to thank everyone who supports our programs and ask for your continued support when we restart programing in 2018. In particular, we want to say thank you to the following –the parents and children in our programs; our talented theater and art teachers; Katy ISD and Lamar Consolidated ISD for allowing us to provide our after-school programs and use of their facilities; the City of Fulshear for their support and use of the Irene Stern Center, Cross Creek Ranch and Johnson Development for use of their facilities and support through the Scarecrow Festival; WordServe Church and Thrive Church for use of their facilities; Walmart Community Grants, The George Foundation, the HEB Foundation, and Texas Commission on the Arts who provided much-needed programming grants; businesses and individuals who donated; and all who volunteered their time through the years to work with children, help at our events.

We know this organization is important, and can be a powerful force in creating community and educating our children.  The board is fully committed to bringing a community based and solely volunteer based programming.

Doug Konopka